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Clean Whites

What Are The Benefits Of Using Clean Whites?

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Studies show having white teeth makes you more attractive. 87.5% of people in a recent survey voted teeth as the most important facial trait. Therefore, why spend thousands of dollars at a dentist, when you can use our professional Clean Whites kit with a dental grade formulation for similar results at a fair price.

Do Clean Whites Teeth Whitening Kits Work?

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Yes, our Teeth Whitening Kits and other teeth whitening products definitely work, and we are confident they will work for you! So confident in fact that we will guarantee results or your money back. (see bottom of page) 

How Does A Clean Whites Teeth Whitening Kit Work?

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The surface of your tooth is referred to as 'Enamel'. Enamel is porous meaning staining agents can work their way into the tooth as well as sit on the surface. Clean Whites uses a bleaching agent known as Hydrogen Peroxide which reacts with existing stains and discoloration by breaking it down and turning it colorless, making your smile brighter then ever!

When Can I Expect To See Results?

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98% of clients worldwide have noticed results within their first time of using our Teeth Whitening Kits and our other Teeth Whiting Products.

How Long Will My Results Last?

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Once you've achieved the shade you desire, results will last up to 6-12 months. 

What Teeth Whitening Ingredients Do You Use?

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Clean Whites Teeth Whitening Kit uses 6% Hydrogen Peroxide (Highest legal grade AU/NZ) along with an added desensitizing agent included in the gel. 

Clean Whites Charcoal Teeth Whitening Kit is an all natural product.  

My LED Light Wont Turn On?

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Before turning on your LED light for the first time, you must remove the tiny plastic disc underneath the two batteries.  

I Need A Replacement Mouth Tray?

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We offer free replacement Mouth Trays for all existing customers.

Simply email Clean Whites at info@cleanwhites.co.nz 


Is Clean Whites Safe To Use?

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Clean Whites is 100% safe! A lot of DIY kits have been known to give the user tooth sensitivity, however Clean Whites uses the correct amount of ingredients as well as added AOP ingredient to prevent tooth sensitivity. If you do experience sensitivity on your first or second treatment please keep in mind this is only temporary and will diminish with time.

Can I use Clean Whites Whilst Pregnant/Breast Feeding?

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Clean Whites is not recommended during pregnancy and/or whilst breastfeeding.

How Can I Avoid Discomfort While Using Clean Whites?

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Gums that are in contact with the gel for a long duration can cause some discomfort to the user. To avoid this simply trim back the mouth guard so that the gel only touches the surface of your teeth.   

If users do experience discomfort in the gums or tooth sensitivity please be advised that these are only short term effects and can be avoided in future whitening sessions.  

There are no long term effects when using Clean Whites. 


What Are Your Shipping Costs & Delivery Times?

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Click here for all shipping costs and delivery times.


100% Results Or Money Back - Guaranteed

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We proudly guarantee that your teeth will improve by a minimum of 2 shades while using our products.

In the unlikely event that you find this is not the case with your @cleanwhites_nz experience please see below.

To qualify for our money back guarantee simply follow the instructions below:

1) Take a clear photo of your teeth before using our products*

2) Use our products exactly as instructed

3) Take a clear photo after you’ve completed all applications

4) Email info@cleanwhites.co.nz  with your before and after attached

5) Once approved, send back your product as directed.

6) A refund for the cost of the product will be processed once we have received it

You have  30 days from the date received, to process a Money Back guarantee application. 

Applications that do not meet this criteria will not be approved for refund. 

*Please ensure that you take your before and after photo in similar lighting conditions as we will not approve your refund if there are drastic differences in lighting. Before and after photos must also include valid date and time stamps . 

Product Information

How Many Treatments Are In A Clean Whites Teeth Whitening Kit?

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Our Teeth Whitening Kits come with 4 x 3ml gel syringes which you will get 12 treatments from. You will use 1ml per treatment and the syringe has little 1ml marker lines so that you don't waste any of the precious teeth whitening gel.

How Long Does Each Treatment Take?

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We recommend that you keep your mouth guard on for at least 30 - 40 minutes for each treatment.

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